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AB holdet

4 Wheelin' Exept for monday by Lorrie MorganJohn Dembiec 2016-2017
9 to 5 9 to 5 - Dolly PartonKari MgHugh Kyriakos 2022-2023
AB Cotton Walking in High Cotton by AlabamaLone Øhlenschlæger Damm 2015-2016
Almost Always Lights On The Hill by Slim DustyMarie Sørensen 2014-2015
An Absolute Dream Land of Dreams by Rosanne CashJoyce Plaskett 2015-2016
An Absolute Dream Land of Dreams, Rosanne CashJoyce Plaskett 2019-2020
Another Country   Another Country by: Rod StewartEnola Lewis 2016-2017
Are You Missing Me Missing by William Michael MorganRon Bloye 2017-2018
Avenuen Road of Life by Peter BorupUlrik H. Nielsen 2014-2015
Basic AB Where I'm gonna live by Billy Ray Cyrus 2015-2016
Broken Heart My next broken heart by Brooks & DunnLeong Boon Meng 2014-2015
Bump it to Cotton Eye Joe Cotton Eyed Joe by The RednexSue MacFarlane 2014-2015
Calypso Mexico Calypso Mexico by BoukeSonja Hemmes 2018-2019
Ceecee Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) by the VampsHayley Wheatly 2020-2021
Ceecee Oh CeciliaHayley Wheatley 2022-2023
Coal Miners Daughter Coal Miners Daughter by Mary DuffSandy Kerrigan 2016-2017
Country Bump Country music made me do it, Carlton AndersonDarren Bailey 2019-2020
Country Strollin' Country Roads, Hermes House BandKathryn Rowlands 2020-2021
Country Strollin' Country Roads - Hermes house bandKathryn Rowlands 2021-2022
Cowboy Charleston Sweet Maureen - JambalayaJeanette HALL and Tonya MILLER 2014-2015
Crash and Burn Crash and Burn - Thomas RhettInge Vestergård 2020-2021
Cupid Shuffle Love Drunk by LoCash CowboysBernard Bryson 2016-2017
Cut a Rug Roll back the rug by Scooter LeeJo & Rita Thompson 2015-2016
Decent Guys from Muskogee Okie From Muskogee - The Dean brothersSusanne Mose Nielsen 2016-2017
Do It Anyway Do It Anyway - Jade EaglesonJosée Martel 2023-2024
Doing What I Love Doing What I Love - Dave SheriffHelen Parkyn 2023-2024
Don't Look Good Naked I don't look good naked any more byEddie Huffman 2017-2018
Easy Walkin' Walk of Life by Shooter JenningsKelli Haugen 2018-2019
Empty Heart Full House Empty Heart by Derek RyanMicaela Svensson Erlandson 2018-2019
Every Step In The Book EZ Down at the twist and shout, Shauna McStravokLydie BAYO 2019-2020
Feeling Good - AB Feeling Good by OfenbachLene Mainz Pedersen 2019-2020
Feeling Kinda Lonely That's what Honky Tonks are for, Brian OdleMargaret Swift 2020-2021
Fun To Drink With Fun to drink withMaggie Shipley 2023-2024
Ghost Train Baby likes to rock it by the TractorsKathy Hunyadi 2014-2015
Gypsy Queen - Easy Gypsy Queen - Chris NormanLene Mainz Pedersen 2016-2017
Happy Does Happy Does - Kenny ChesneyHana Ries 2021-2022
Happy Times Best of Friends by Dave SheriffGaye Teather 2018-2019
Happy Times Best of Friends, Dave SheriffGaye Teather 2019-2020
Happy Times Du er min store Kærlighed - Anders MattesenGaye Teather 2022-2023
Honky Tonk Town Playing every honky tonk in town by Heather MylesMargaret Swift 2017-2018
I Got Famous Friends Famous Friends Chris YoungJanel Kearney 2022-2023
I have been Lonely Ez I have been lonely - Blake SheltonMargaret Murphy 2022-2023
I Love You More And More I Love You More And More - Bellamy BrothersNancy Rosera 2019-2020
I Sneeze Whiskey Knockin' Boots, Luke BryanKelli Haugen 2019-2020
I Want A Cowboy For A Night Cowboy for a Night - Australia's TornadoesPat Newell 2022-2023
If I Could See You Just one time by Jamie O'NealAnna Korsgård - Kirsten Hansen 2017-2018
Intoxicating Intoxicating - Karissa EllaRob Holley 2023-2024
Invitation Stroll Invitation to the blues by Emmylou HarrisDiana Dawson 2015-2016
Invitation Stroll Invitation To The Blues by Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellDiana Dawson 2017-2018
It's a Heartache It's a HeartacheLorna Cairns 2023-2024
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Kiss Tommorrow Goodbye- Luke BryanLaura Rittenhause 2022-2023
Last Time Last Night Lonely - Jon PardiMarianne H. Nielsen 2023-2024
Lindi Shuffle Walking in high cotton by AlabamaJane Smee 2014-2015
Lindi Shuffle How Could I Love Her So Much" By Nathan CarterJane Smee 2016-2017
Lindi Shuffle The Farmer, Robert MizzelJane Smee 2019-2020
Lindi Shuffle Right Now With You -Jane Smee 2021-2022
Little Fool There's a Fool Born Everyday- Kevin FowlerKim Petersen 2023-2024
Livin' On Love Livin' On Love, Alan JacksonSally Hung 2019-2020
Living It Up Dancing Cowboys by Bellamy BrothersDee Musk 2016-2017
Living It Up That's Where I Belong, Alan JacksonDee Musk 2019-2020
Living next door to Alice Living next door to Alice, SmookieSusanne Mose Nielsen 2020-2021
Living On Love AB Living on Love by Alan JacksonLindsay Ryan 2020-2021
Love ain't Love ain't - Eli Young BandDarren Bailey 2021-2022
Love To Lay You Down I'd Love to Lay You Down by ConwayTwittyLorna Murshell 2016-2017
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria by Ricchi PoveriFrank Trace 2014-2015
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria - Ricchi E PoveriFrank Trace 2021-2022
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria - Ricchi E. PoveriFrank Trace 2023-2024
Me and This Guitar Me and this guitar by charlie MCNealUrban Danielsson 2017-2018
Meat and Potato Man Meat and Potato Man by Alan JacksonKaren Tripp 2015-2016
More Easy We Got Love - Don WilliamsMaite Alemany & Mª Jesús Osuna 2016-2017
Move Slowly Nobody's Home by Clint BlackMichelle Risley 2019-2020
Neon Moon Neon Moon by Brooks n' DunnYvonne Krause Schenck 2016-2017
On The Road Again On the road again by Willie NelsonSonja Hemmes 2017-2018
One Hot Pepper He drinks Tequila by Lorrie Morgan & Sammy KershawLorraine Macmillan 2018-2019
Out on the Dance Floor Out on the Dance Floor - Triston MarezJulie Snailham 2021-2022
Outta My Mind Gettin' outta My Mind- Channing WilsonRob Fawler, Kate Sala 2023-2024
Pick A Bale Pick a Bale of Cotton by John LittletonUkendt 2014-2015
Pick a Bale Pick a Bale of Cotton by John LittletonUkendt 2015-2016
Piece by Piece Piece by Piece - Kelly ClarksonPeter Probert 2022-2023
Ready to roll Ready to roll by blake SheltonKirsten Hansen 2015-2016
Red Hot Salsa Red Hot Solsa by Dave SheriffSonja Hemmes 2018-2019
ROUGHCUT You ain't dolly - Ashley MonroeJanice Patrice 2015-2016
See You Smile Another song I had to write by Jacob LydaSusanne Mose Nielsen 2016-2017
She's Out Of Sight Out of Sight by MidlandDonnie Allen 2019-2020
Simple Simple by Florida Georgia LineStephen Pistoia og Laura Stanton 2018-2019
Simply Flying With The Birds Fly Like a Bird by Boz ScaggsSusie G 2020-2021
Some Broken Heart Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by Don WilliamsGuylaine Bourdages 2014-2015
Some broken Hearts Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by Don WilliamsGuylaine Bourdages 2017-2018
Some broken hearts never mend Some broken hearts by Don Williams.Guylaine Bourdages 2015-2016
Some broken hearts never mend Some broken hearts by Don Williams.Guylaine Bourdages 2016-2017
Something to Talk About AB Something to talk about- Bonnie RaittKaren Skjærbæk Christensen 2022-2023
Start Easy Timber I'm falling in love by Danielle BradberryStephen (Hillbilly) Howard 2015-2016
Stealing the Best Dance Above The Rainbow by Ronan HardimanRosie Multari 2015-2016
STEALING THE BEST Dance Above The Rainbow by Ronan HardimanRosie Multary 2017-2018
Straight Away The Cowboy Rides Away by Ronnie DunnIvonne verhagen 2020-2021
Stroll Along Cha Cha Dixie Road, Nathan CarterUnknown 2019-2020
Sweet Home Alabama Easy Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd SkynyrdKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Take a Letter Living on Love by Alan JacksonDr. Grant Longley 2014-2015
Take Me Home Take me home by Tol and TolKaren Tripp 2018-2019
Take the first step Blured Lines by Robin ThickeAlan Robinson 2014-2015
TAKE THE FIRST STEP Sugar & Pai by The Boots BandAlan Robinson 2017-2018
Tequila Boom Boom Singalong Song by Tim TimJamie Barnfield 2015-2016
Texas Stomp I'm from the country by Tracy ByrdRuth Elias 2014-2015
Texas Stomp I'm from the Country by Tracy ByrdRuth Elias 2016-2017
Texas Time Texas Time by Keith UrbanLene Mainz Pedersen 2019-2020
Thanks A Lot Thanks a lot by Robert MizzelHelen Conroy Noonan 2018-2019
The flow of love Let your love flow by The Bellamy BrothersLorna Mursell 2014-2015
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray CyrusRich Silver 2021-2022
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray CyrusUnknown 2015-2016
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray CyrusUnknown 2016-2017
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray CyrusRic Silver 2017-2018
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart, Billy Ray CyrusUnknown 2020-2021
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray CyrusRic Silver 2023-2024
The Galway Gathering Games People Play by Nathan CarterMaggie Callagher & Gary O'Reilly 2017-2018
The Mini Music Man The Music Man by Paul BaileyLone Øhlenschlæger 2016-2017
The Morning After The Morning After - Nathan CarterGary O'Reilly 2022-2023
The Smilin' Dance Smilin' SongShirley Blankenship 2023-2024
Twist I saw Linda yesterdayPatti Nivens 2015-2016
Versions of You Kiss Me - Dermot KennedyMerete Louise Østberg 2023-2024
Wagon Wheel KB Wagon Wheel RockAnnette Lapp 2022-2023
Walk It Down To The Honkytonk Down to the Honky Tonk, Jake OwenStep5678 2019-2020
Walking on the Moon Walking on the Moon, Peter West & Julie BurtonSusanne Mose Nielsen 2019-2020
We Got Love We Got Love - Don WilliamsDagny Andersen 2016-2017
We Got Love - (Slow Dance) Don Williams - We Got LoveDagny Andersen 2017-2018
Wellerman AB Wellerman 220 Kid x Billen Ted remix - Nathan EvansJulie Snailham 2021-2022
West Virginia Country Roads by Christina LindbergMichaela Svensson Erlandsson 2017-2018
When you smile When you smile, Rune RudbergJose Miguel B. Vane - Roy Verdonk 2019-2020
When You Smile When You Smile - Rune RudbergJose Miguel Belloque 2023-2024
Why don't we just dance Why don't we just dance by Josh TurnerAnette Lap 2015-2016
Why Should We Try Anymore "Why Should We Try Anymore" By Hallur JoensenMarie Sørensen - Dk (Sunshine Cowgirl) & Sally Hung - Taiwan 2016-2017
Words Fly Words FlyVikki Morris 2023-2024
You're Sixteen, Beautiful And Mine You're Sixteen You're Beautiful and You're Mine by Ringo StarrAnette Lap 2015-2016
Your Body Beautiful If I said you had a beautiful body - Bellamy BrothersRoz Chaplin 2017-2018
Your First Name People know you by your first name - Dean BrodyLars Christensen 2020-2021
Your First Name People Know You By Your First Name- Dean BrodyLars Christensen 2021-2022

Begynder Holdet

1 2 3 WALTZ Tattoos of Life, Steve WarinerVal Myers 2019-2020
1159 11:59 (Central Standard Time) - The Railers - iTunesRachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA) March 2017 2017-2018
A Big Love Big Big Love by Derek RyanJuliet Lam 2014-2015
A Complete Change Some Town Somewhere by Kenny ChesneyNiels Poulsen 2017-2018
A Drink What's it take to get a drink in here by Jerry KillgoreMichaela Svensson Erlandson 2017-2018
A Friend Indeed Dave Sheriff - A Friend in NeedKathryn Sloan 2013-2014
A Lot Like That Ain't Love A Lot Like ThatYvonne Anderson 2012-2013
After the Storm After the Storm by The Common LinnetsTina Argyle 2014-2015
Ain't Just A Southern Thing Ain't Just a Southern Thing by Alan JacksonMicaela Svensson Erlandsson 2017-2018
Alice Living Next Door To Alice - SmokieDaniel Whittaker 2019-2020
All About A Woman Don't Ask Me About A Woman by Easton CorbinMaggie Gallagher 2016-2017
All You Need "All You Need" Brad PaisleyRobbie McGowan Hickie 2011-2012
Always will Always Have, Always Will- Ace of BaceHeather Barton 2023-2024
Angeleno EZ Angeleno by Sam OutlawSusanne Oates 2016-2017
Angeleno Ez "Angeleno" by Sam OutlawSusanne Oates 2017-2018
Baby Belle The Belle Of Liverpool by Derek RyanGaye Teather 2012-2013
Bad Habits Leads to you Bad habits - Ed SheeranLene Mainz Pedersen 2021-2022
Be There In Your Morning Let Me Be There -Die CampbellsMicaela Svensson Erlandsson 2017-2018
Before you were even gone Grain of salt by Toby KeithMarscha Ludtke 2020-2021
Before You Were Even Gone Grain of SaltMarsha Keith 2021-2022
Better When I'm Dancin' Baby Better when I'm Dancing, Meghan TrainorGitte Stehr 2016-2017
BLACK COFFEE Black Coffee by Lacy J. DaltonHelen O'Malley 2013-2014
Blame it on the Quin Blame it on your lying cheating heart, by Tanya TuckerLinda Nyholm 2012-2013
Blanket On The Ground Blanket On The Ground by Billie Jo SpearsDorte Carlsen 2012-2013
Blue Sky Blue Clear Sky, George StraitRon Tate 2019-2020
Bonaparte's Retreat Bonaparte's Retreat, Glenn CampbellMaddison Glover 2019-2020
Born to be great Some Town Somewhere by Kenny ChesneyConrad Farnham 2018-2019
Bossa Nova EZ Blame It On The Bossa Nova by Jane McDonaldLisa McCammon 2012-2013
Bottum of the Bottle Bottom of the Bottle - Derek RyanGary O'Reilly 2022-2023
Broken Memories Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by Don WilliamsHilary Usher – March 2017 2017-2018
Bucket List One Way Ticket by Billy CurringtonGaye Teather 2015-2016
Cabo Moon Water and the Girls" by Ronnie BeardIra Weisburd 2020-2021
Cabo Moon Water and the girls - Ronnie BeardIra Weisburd 2021-2022
Chasing Stomps Chase that song by Cody Jinks. CD: I'm Not the Devil (iTunes) or any up-tempo songBetina Sommerset - April 2017 2017-2018
Chip and a Chair Chip and a Chair by Donny LeeRob Holey 2018-2019
Codigo Codigo by George StraitPat Stott 2019-2020
Come along and ride with me Ride with me by The MavericksCati Torrella 2018-2019
Come dance with me Come Dance With Me by Nancy HaysJo Thompson 2013-2014
Come dance with me Come Dance with meJo Thompson Szymanski 2023-2024
Cotton Eyed Joe Cotton eyed Joe by RednexUnknown 2012-2013
Country Boy Lovin' Country Boy Lovin' - Dillon CarmichaelMaddison Glover 2020-2021
Country Boy Lovin' Country Boy Lovin' - Dillon CarmichaelMaddison Glover 2021-2022
Country Cupid Stupid Cupid by Scooter LeeÔsgûr "Oscar" 2011-2012
Country Style Until the Money's Gone - Bellamy BrothersNeus Lloveras 2016-2017
Cowboy Yodel Tennessee Yoddle Song by Kikki DanielsonAudrey Watson 2017-2018
Craicerjack Lyin Eyes by The OutlawsChris Jackson 2018-2019
Cute Bootscooter Cute Bootscooter Johnny Chester & The Lonesome HeartsKaren Tripp 2013-2014
Darlin', Who's Darlin' "Who Did You Call Darling" - by Heather MylesAnna Korsgaard 2013-2014
Darlin', Who's Darlin' Who did you call Darlin', Heather MylesAnna Korsgaard 2016-2017
Dear Future Hubby Dear Future Husband by Meghan TrainorJohn Dembiec 2015-2016
Den allersidste dans Den allersidste dans by Kim LarsenAnnette Dida Nielsen 2015-2016
Den allersidste dans Den allersidste dans-Kim LarsenAnnette Dida Nielsen 2022-2023
DN Waltz Jackson Walz by Dave SheriffNiels B. Poulsen 2015-2016
Doing Alright Today It`s A Great Day To Be Alive by Lee MatthewsSusanne Mose Nielsen 2016-2017
Don't Just Stand There Walk On by Reba McEntirePhil Carpenter 2012-2013
Down On Your Uppers Down on your uppers by Derek RyanGary O´Reilly 2017-2018
Down To The Honkytonk Down To The Honkytonk by Jake OwenRick Todd 2019-2020
Drink A Little Beer Drink A Little Beer by Thomas RhettLisa M. Johns-Grose 2018-2019
Drinking With Dolly Drinking with Dolly, Stephanie QuayleSeverine Fillion 2016-2017
Dwight's Above and Beyond Above and Beyond - Dwight YoakamThe Highlander 2022-2023
Early In The Morning Early In The Morning by Derek RyanDaisy Simons 2017-2018
Everybody Dance With Me Hillbilly rock, Hillbilly Roll by Th WoolpackersMamalinedance Mei Kwo 2015-2016
Fall in Love Never gonna Fall in Love by Tim RedmondPat Stott 2014-2015
Flavour Of The Month Superstar by Raul MaloAlison Bigs & Peter Metelnick 2012-2013
For The Longest Time The Longest Time - The OvertonesRoosamekto Mamek 2021-2022
Forever And Ever Forever And Ever Amen by Randy TravisBenny Ray 2019-2020
Freeze & Lindi mix Pack It Up, by Eliza Doolittleunknown 2012-2013
Funky Sole - Contra Old Time Rock & Roll" by Michael BoltonInge Vestergård & Lene Mainz Pedersen 2017-2018
Get Down The Fiddle Louisiana Saturday Night, Robert MizzellMicaela Svensson Erlandsson 2016-2017
Ghost Town Ghost town - Sam OutlawArnaud Marraffa 2019-2020
Gin & Tonic Love Drunk by LoCash CowboysKate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie 2014-2015
Golden Wedding Ring Golden Ring by Terri Clark & Dierks BentleySéverine Fillion (March 2015) 2017-2018
Good Day To Run A good Day To RunBenny Ray 2011-2012
Great Day In The Morning "Great Day In The Morning" by Marion RandellMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
Heaven Knows Heaven Knows by Charlie LandsboroughPatricia E. Stott 2013-2014
Hey Cowgirl Hey Cowgirl Randall KingJan Brookfield 2021-2022
Hey Girl Come do a Little Life, Mo PitneyMichaela Svensson Erlandsson 2016-2017
Hillbilly Girl Hillbilly Girl, Lisa McHughAndy McGrath 2019-2020
Home On The Range "I'm at home on the range" - Suzy BoggussNicola Lafferty 2011-2012
Honey Bunch I Can't Help Myself- David CampbellRia Vos 2023-2024
Hurting Heart You got away by Ann TaylerNiels Poulsen & Anna Korsgaard 2014-2015
I Close My Eyes Ich mach meine augen zu, Chris NormanHazel Pace 2018-2019
I got You, You Got Me We Got Love - Don WilliamsMajbrit Hansen 2023-2024
I Love Texas Time Texas Time by Keith UrbanKate Damgaard 2018-2019
I Miss You Most Of All My shoes keep walking back to you - Stuart MoylesMarja Urgert & Jan Van Tiggelen 2018-2019
I Saw Linda Yesterday I Saw Linda Yesterday by Black JackDerek Robinson, (UK) 2013-2014
I Still Fall For You Fall For You - Gable BradleyDarren Bailey 2023-2024
I wanna dance I just wanna dance with you by George StraitJune Shuman 2014-2015
I'll Be Thinking of you Think of Me - The MavericksMichelle Risley 2023-2024
Intoxicating Intoxicating, Karissa Ella EPRob Holley 2019-2020
Intoxicating Intoxicating, Karissa Ella EPRob Holley 2019-2020
Irish Stew Irish Stew by Sham RockLois Lightfoot 2017-2018
It feels like rock'n roll Feels like rock'n roll by BoukeMaria Maag 2015-2016
It Gets Easier It Gets Easier by Willie NelsonIna Pedersen, Bjarne Frederiksen 2018-2019
Joana Come Early Morning by Don WilliamsXose Massotti 2015-2016
Joe's Dance Cotton eyed Joe by RednexChristine Höfner 2012-2013
Joey On the Fiddle Joey On the Fiddle, Michael EnglishApril Coady 2019-2020
Jukebox and free whisky If the jukebox took teardropsSusanne Mose 2011-2012
Just 4 Fun "Tell Me Ma" by Sham RockPatricia E. Stott 2011-2012
Just a little Love Just a Little Love by Derek RyanMaggie Gallagher 2014-2015
Just A Memory Memories Are Made Of This by The Dean BrothersJohn Dean & Maggie Gallagher 2016-2017
K-I-S-S K-I-S-S by Rockabilly HeartBenny Ray 2014-2015
Kabu Kaboem Kaboemielies by David FourieSebastiaan Holtland 2012-2013
Keep it simple Keep it simple, James Barker BandMaggie Gallagher 2019-2020
Keep It Simple Keep it simple - James Barker BandMaggie Gallagher 2021-2022
Last Night's Dance Last Night by Chris Anderson & DJ RobbieKaren Tripp 2016-2017
Lindi 32 I need more of you by The Bellamy BrothersConnie Nielsen 2012-2013
Little Broken Heels Broken Heels by Alexandra BurkeAudrey Watson 2012-2013
Little Country Race Honky Tonk Race by Shelby Lee LoweNiels B. Poulsen 2019-2020
Little Dreams Mexico on Nashville Sound by Nashville FriendsLone Damm (DK) 2014-2015
Little Marina Marina by BoukeMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
Little Open Heart Cowboy Open Heart Cowboy by Dean BrodyElin Lykke 2015-2016
Little Rhumba A Love Worth Waiting For by Shakin StewensDonna Laurin 2012-2013
Little Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel by Nathan CarterGaye Teather 2014-2015
Lonely Drum Lonely Drum - von Aaron GoodvinDarren Mitchell - June 2017 2017-2018
Looking Lonely Lonely Eyes By Chris YoungNarelle Phillips (Australia) Feb 2017 2017-2018
Looking Up Looking Up- Jesse LabelleMaggie Gallager 2021-2022
Lord Help Me Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person by The Bellamy BrothersMarie Sørensen 2014-2015
Lord Help Me Lord Help Me Be The Person... _ Bellamy BrothersMarie Sørensen 2019-2020
Loslappie Mini Loslappie by Kurt DarrenMarianne Valentin 2016-2017
Louisiette Louisiette - Prairie OysterKaren Lee 2022-2023
Love Flow Let Your Love Flow by The Bellamy BrothersNiels B. Poulsen 2018-2019
Love Grows Love Grows- SmylesCraig Bennett & Maddison Glover 2022-2023
Love Her Love her for a While by Sam OutlawSusi Beszon (March 2016) 2016-2017
Love Like Before Love's Gonna Live Here, Derek RyanMicaele Svensson Erlandsson 2016-2017
Love Lock Count on me by the LovelocksOle Jacobsen & Nina K 2020-2021
Love, JoAnn Love Done GoneMarie Sørensen 2010-2011
Lucky Boy's Dream Somebody's Everything by EmilioMaddison Glower 2017-2018
Make A Start "Knock Yourself Out" by Lee Roy Parnell.Robbie McGowan Hickie 2013-2014
Make A Start "Knock Yourself Out" by Lee Roy Parnell.Robbie McGowan Hickie 2014-2015
Make Some New Love Hej Old LoverJef Camps 2023-2024
Mama Loo Mama Loo, Harry, Chris & Die OhrwurmerMaria Maag 2014-2015
Mamas Pearls Mama SaidNigel & Barbara Payne 2011-2012
Mamma Maria Walk On by Reba McEntireFrank Trace 2012-2013
Mexico, Tequila and Me Mexico, Tequila and Me by Alan JacksonMarie Sørensen 2015-2016
Mighty Fine Pencil Full of LeadRia Vos 2022-2023
Mini Flute "Flute" Barcode BrothersMarie Sørensen 2011-2012
Miss Congeniality One in a million, remix by bossonJulie Lockton, Sebastian Holtland 2019-2020
Mountains To The Sea Mountains to the Sea by Mary BlackMaggie Gallagher 2016-2017
My designated drinker Designated Drinker by Alan JacksonAnnie Saerens 2015-2016
My designated drinker Designated Drinker by Alan Jackson  Annie Saerens 2016-2017
My First Dance Where I'm gonna live by Billy Ray CyrusFay Willcox 2012-2013
My own silverstar Silvertreads & Golden Needles by Dolly PartonKate Valentin 2012-2013
My Pretty Belinda Dr. Victor & The Rasta RebelsVikki Morris 2012-2013
Natural Natural - BrelandMathew Sinyard 2023-2024
New Train New TrainNiels B Poulsen 2011-2012
New Truck Easy New Truck - Dylan ScottKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Nothing But You Nothing But You / Leaving AustinJose'e Martel 2019-2020
Nothing But You Nothing but you - Leaving AustinJosée Martel 2023-2024
Off The Beaten Track "Off the Beaten Track" by Derek RyanGary O'Reilly 2019-2020
Oh Oh Oh Take Away by Karin EureenMalene Finne Jensen 2015-2016
Oh Suzannah "Oh Suzannah" by YambooBill Larson & Chris Watson 2012-2013
On Old Hickory Lake Old Hickory LakeMarie Sørensen 2010-2011
Out of Texas Dallas by Alan JacksonChelagh Collins 2019-2020
Penny Arcade Penny Arcade by Black LaceBud Lite 2015-2016
Pick a Bale Pick a bale of cotton by John LittletonUkendt 2012-2013
Pizziricco Pizziricco by The MavericksDynamite Dot 2013-2014
Pony on My Boat If I had a Boat - BucksteinAudrey Flement 2023-2024
Queen of my Heart Queen of my Heart by WestlifeBirthe Tygesen 2019-2020
Raised on Love Raised On Love - Major Dundee & Toni WilleTina Chen Sue-Huei 2014-2015
Raised on love Raised On Love – von Major Dundee & Toni WilléTina Chen Sue-Huei 2015-2016
Remember Theese Words Remember Theese Words, Michael TylerGaye Teather 2019-2020
Reunited! Undivided - Tim McGraw & Tyler HubbardNiels Poulsen 2022-2023
Right Now With You Right Now With You -Liselotte Øgaard 2021-2022
RITA'S WALTZ The Heart of my mind by Sweetback SisterJo Thompson 2013-2014
Rivertown Rivertown by Cassar - DaleyKaren Holtom 2017-2018
Road House Rock Used to be a country town by Sons of PalaminoRob Fowler 2019-2020
Rock And Roll Cowboy Contra "Rock And Roll Cowboy" by Major DundeeMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
Rock Me Mama Wagon Wheel by Nathan CarterMarie McLeod 2018-2019
Rollin' Home Rollin' Home by Nathan CarterSusanne Mose Nielsen 2017-2018
Rum In My Coke Fish in the sea- Dustin LynchVikki Morris 2022-2023
Sangria Time Jug of Sangria, Nathan CarterPat Stott 2019-2020
Save Me Tonight save me tonight by Reed Fields & Jill HamlinMaggie Callagher 2017-2018
Send Me A Letter Amanda "Send Me A Letter Amanda" By Hallur & The Bellamy BrothersMarie Sørensen 2016-2017
SHAKIN MIX Hit Mix, Shakin' StevensYvonne Van Baalen 2019-2020
Shallow-Easy Shallow - Danielle BradburryKaren Christensen 2020-2021
She's Out Of Sight Out of Sight by MidlandDonnie Allen 2018-2019
Shivers - easy Shivers- Ed SheeranAnne Richter-Olesen og Lene Mainz Petersen 2022-2023
Simple Simple by FloridaStephen Pistoia 2018-2019
Simply Cha Cha When the sun goes down byKenny Chesney & Uncle KrackerBarry Durand 2020-2021
Skiffle Billy Bop Skiffle Billy BopMarie Sørensen 2011-2012
SNAKE OIL Any Man Of Mine, Shania TwaineUnknown 2019-2020
Some Beach Some Beach by Blake SheltonConnie Nielsen 2012-2013
Some Nights easy Some Nights Shane OwensKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Something in the water Something in the waterNiels B. Poulsen 2011-2012
Start Forever Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere - Chad BrownleeMike Liadouze 2021-2022
Strangers Pickin` Up Strangers – Johnny LeeAdolfo Calderero 2014-2015
Street Called Main Street Called Main - Keith UrbanCarole Gourvellec 2023-2024
Stroll along cha, cha Dixie Road by Nathan CarterJohn & Anette Sandham 2015-2016
Such a Fool Such a Fool as I by Jaso DonovanNiels B. Poulsen 2014-2015
Sunner in Ireland I Want to be in Ireland for the Summer- Mike DenverSusanne Mose 2022-2023
Sunset Road You Just can't see him from the roadHenrik Lassen 2021-2022
Sunshine & Rain Sunshine in the rainBarbara Love 2010-2011
Sweet Maureen Sweet Maureen, JambalayaRafel Corbi 2014-2015
SWEET SWEET SMILE Sweet Sweet Smile by Sharon BFi Scott & Johnny Two-Step 2017-2018
Sweet Talk & Good Lies Sweet Talk & Good Lies by Heather MylesMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
Talk Is Cheap "Talk Is Cheap" by Alan JacksonMarie Sørensen 2013-2014
Tall Cuba Libre 'Rum is the Reason' by 'Toby Keith'Betty Moses 2016-2017
Tender Tender, Derek RyanVicki Morris, Heather Barton 2019-2020
Thank You Thank You by Gary Perkins & The BreezeTina Argyle 2018-2019
Thanks A Lot Thanks A Lot by Robert MizzellHelen Conroy Noonan 2015-2016
That Honky Tonk Highway Honky Tonk Highway - Luke CombsMaggie Shipley 2023-2024
The Gambler easy a la Blake The Gambler - Blake SheltonKaren Christensen 2021-2022
The Last Living Cowboy The Last Living Cowboy by Toby KeithLesley Clark 2016-2017
The Last Shanty The last shanty- Nathan EvansJessica Bostrøm 2022-2023
The Little Farmer The Farmer, Robert MizzelMona Leth 2019-2020
The Long Way Home The Long Way Home" By John Derek Ryan. Album: Country Soul -Marie Sørensen (Sunshine Cowgirl) Dk - May 2015 2016-2017
The Most Beautiful Girl The Most Beautiful Girl by Charlie Rich. Track length: 2.42. Buy on iTunes, etcNiels Poulsen (DK): July 2017 2017-2018
The Music Man The Music Man By Paul BaileySandra Speck & Paul Bailey - June 2016 2016-2017
There is a Light There is a Light - Robynn ShaneIvonne Ferhagen 2020-2021
Things Things I Carry Around, Troy Cassar DalayGary Lafferty 2019-2020
Ticket To The Blues! One way Ticket by eruptionNiels B. Poulsen 2015-2016
Tomorrow never knows Tomorrow never knows by Bruce SpringsteenMaggie Gallagher 2014-2015
Trailerhood Trailerhood by Toby KeithThe Girls (Maureen & Michelle) 2012-2013
Train Swing Lover Please - Billy SwanNiels Poulsen 2019-2020
Try Everything Try Everything by Home FreeLene Mains Pedersen 2018-2019
Under the Moon of Love Under The Moon Of Love" – ShowaddywaddyRachael Mc Enaney 2015-2016
Under The Moon of Love Under The Moon Of Love - Showaddywaddy.Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA) Nov. 2015 2016-2017
Until The Dawn Marvin Gaye by Charlie PuthGary Lafferty 2015-2016
Upside Down Upside Down by Dean BrodyStefano Civa 2017-2018
Vertical Expressions Vertical Expression by The DeansVera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence 20132014
Walk On A Bad Day On A Bad Day by Kasey ChambersGreywolf & Wiya Wambli 2017-2018
Walking on the Moon Walkin g on the Moon - Peter West & Julie BurtonSusanne Mose Nielsen 2019-2020
Walking On The Moon Walking On The Moon, Peter West-Julie BurtonSusanne Mose Nielsen 2019-2020
Walking The Floor Over You Hallur Joensen - Walking The Floor Over YouElsebeth Skjøth & Bente Lasota 2020-2020
Walking The Floor Over You Hallur Joensen - Walking The Floor Over YouElsebeth Skjøth & Bente Lasota 2020-2021
Waltz across Texas Rock'n Roll Waltz by Scooter LeeLois & John Nielson 2014-2015
Waltz Across Texas Slow to moderate waltzLois Nielson & John Nielson 2021-2022
Wasted Tears   I've Cried My Last Tears For You by Ricky Van Shelton  Derek Robinson 2016-2017
We only live once We only live once – Shannon NollLene Mainz Pedersen 2015-2016
Wee'll Be Allright Wee're gonna be allright by Mike DenverSusanne Mose Nielsen 2015-2016
Went to Calypso Mexico Calypso MexicoMarie Sørensen 2011-2012
West Virginia Country Roads - Christina Lindberg  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson 2016-2017
Where Cowboys Are Kings Where Cowboys Are King" by Cody JohnsonEsmeralda v.d. Pol 2019-2020
Where Cowboys Are Kings Where cowboys are Kings- Cody JohnsonEsmeralda v.d. Pol 2021-2022
Whiskey Bridges Whiskey under the Bridge - Brooks & DunnMaddison Glover 2018-2019
Who Needs to Know No one Needs to Know-Shania TwainJoshua Talbot 2023-2024
Whole Again Whole Again by Atomic KittenSue Johnstone 2015-2016
Why Did It Have To Be Me Why Did It Have To Be Me, Josh DylanAnette Nielsen 2018-2019
Why don't you Why Don't You Spend The Night by Ray DylanDiana Dawson 2015-2016
Women is smarter Man smart, women smarter, by Dr. Victor and his Rasta RebelsMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
You are the one You are the oneMarie Sørensen 2011-2012

Letøvede 1

1-2-3-4 "1-2-3" Ann TaylerNiels Poulsen 2011-2012
1159 11:59, The RailersRachael McEnanay White 2017-2018
8th Day 8th Day, Dean BrodyGudrun Schneider 2019-2020
A Little Love Trip Love Trip, Jerry KilgoreVikki Morris & Julie Lockton 2016-2017
A Lot About a Little A Lot About a Little-JaconBobby Chong 2021-2022
A Lot Like That Ain't Love A Lot Like That, George JonesYvonne Anderson 2012-2013
A Love to Last A Love I Think Will Last, Niamh Lynn & J. BradyFrank Heelan 2016-2017
Adalaida Adalaida, Derek RyanGary O'Reilly 2020-2021
Aiko Aiko Aiko Aiko, Kurt DarrenMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
Ain't Worth The Tears Ain't Worth The Tears, Liv Marit WedvikMikael Erlandsson, Micaele S.Erlandsson 2016-2017
All You Need "All You Need" Brad PaisleyRobbie McGowan Hickie 2011-2012
Angel & Corona Look What God Gave Her, Thomas RhettDarren Bailey - Kate Sala 2019-2020
Anybody Looking for a Fool Is Anybody Looking For a Fool, Kevin CollinsSusanne Mose 2012-2013
Back Home Back Home - Brother OsborneRia Vos 2023-2024
Back in Love Let's get Back to Me and You, Alan JacksonRobbie McGowan Hickie 2012-2013
Backroad Nation (That's Us) Backroad Nation, Lee KernaghanDiana Dawson 2019-2020
Bad Habits Leads to you Bad habits - Ed SheeranLene Mainz Pedersen 2021-2022
Ballymore Boys The Boys from Ballymore, Sham RockDynamite Dot 2012-2013
Be a Better Man Gettin' You HomeJose Miguel Belloque Vane 2022-2023
Beautiful Sight Beautiful Sight, Jacob DinesenIna Pedersen 2016-2017
Better Times Better Times a Comin'. Derel RyanPat Stott & Vikki Morris 2014-2015
Blame the Tequila Tequila - Hayden HaddockGlynn Rodgers 2023-2024
Bonaparte's Retreat Bonaparte's Retreat, Glen CampbellMaddison Glover 2019-2020
Bring on the Good Times Bring on the good Times, Lisa McHughGary O'Relly & Maggie Gallagher 2016-2017
Bud Light Blue Bud Light Blue, Coffey AndersonDarren Bailey 2018-2019
Caribbean Feeling Caribbean Feeling, Nathan CarterAudrey Watson 2017-2018
Carnival Ride Some Town Somewhere, Kenne ChesneyTina Angyle 2017-2018
Carters Rock The Way That You Love Me, Nathan CarterDiana Dawson 2014-2015
Chase That Song Chase That Song, Cody JinksKate Sala 2017-2018
Come as You Are Honkytonk Life, Darryl WorleyYvonne Anderson 2014-2015
Come Down Won't Ya Come Down. Derek RyanDenys Ben & Marie-France Ben 2018-2019
Come On Down Come on Down, High ValleyGudrun Schneier 2016-2017
Corn Corn - Blake SheltonRob Fowler 2021-2022
Corn Don't Grow Corn Don't Grow, Travis TrittTina Argyle 2014-2015
Country Boy Lovin' Country Boy Lovin', Dillon CarmichaelMaddison Glover 2020-2021
Country Cupid "Stupid Cupid" Scooter LeeÖzgür & Mürüvvet TAKEC 2011-2012
Country Roads Take me home, Country Roads, The Hermes House BandKate Sala 2018-2019
Creazy Foot Mambo If you wanna be HappyPaul McAdam 2022-2023
Cross My Heart Don't Be Cruel - Marty StuartKarl-Harry Winson 2023-2024
Crystal Touch Slow Hand _ Mike RyanClaire Bell and Maddison Glover 2021-2022
Deep In My Heart Knee Deep in My Heart, Shane FilanLene Mainz Pedersen & Inge Vestergaard 2014-2015
Disappearing Tail Lights Disappearing Tail Lights, Gord BamfordAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2012-2013
Dixie RD Dixie Road, Nathan CarterSue Smyth 2012-2013
Do it all again Again - BEXARNiels Poulsen 2021-2022
Don't Drink The Water Don't Drink The Water, Feat.Blake Shelton-Brad paisleyRachael McEnaney 2012-2013
Double Up What's A Guy Gotte Do, Joe NicholsDiana Dawson 2012-2013
Down At The Twist And Shout "Down At The Twist And Shout" Mary Chapin CarpenterDJ Dan / Wynette Miller 2011-2012
Drift Away Drift Away, Nathan CarterRob Fowler 2016-2017
Drinking Problem Drinking Problem, MidlandDarren Bailey 2017-2018
Early in the Morning Early in the Morning, Derek RyanDaisy Simons 2017-2018
East to West 17 Play That Song, TrainAlison Johnstone & Simon Ward 2018-2019
Every Step in the Book Down at the Twist and Shout, Shauna McStravockPat Stott 2019-2020
Every Time She Walks By Every Time She Walks by, Adam BrandHeather Barton 2017-2018
Far from the Charts Far from the charts, The LennerockersNiels Poulsen 2015-2016
Fireflies Firefly, Derek RyanRAW (Rudy Honing & Wesley F.) 2017-2018
Float Ya'Boat I was On a BoatRia Vos 2021-2022
Flowers in Your Hair Flowers in Your HairFrancien Sittrop 2014-2015
For The Longest Time The Longest TimeRoosamekto Mamek 2020-2021
Friday It's Friday, Derek RyanMicaela Svensson Erlandsson 2018-2019
Get it Right Hard Not to Love it, Steve MoaklerMaddison Glover 2018-2019
Gone West Gone West, Gone WestGary O'Relly & Maggie Gallagher 2019-2020
Good Day To Run "A Good Day To Run" Daryl WorleyBenny Ray 2011-2012
Got My Baby Back I Got My Baby Back, Derek RyanMaggie Gallagher 2012-2013
Green Green Grass Green Green Grass - George EzraKarl-Harry Winson 2022-2023
Gypsy Queen Gypsy Queen, Chris NormanHazel Pace 2016-2017
Half Past Nothin' Knock Knock, Jack SavorettiNeville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 2012-2013
Heart of an Angel Heart of An Angel, Modern TalkingWilliam Brown 2012-2013
Hey Boy Hey Boy, Torgny MelinsThomas Malmgren 2014-2015
High Cotton High Cotton, AlabamaNiels Poulsen 2013-2014
Holiday Time Recreation Land, Tristan HorncastleNiels Poulsen 2019-2020
Honky Tonk Stomp "Lets Go to Las Vegas"Phyllis Watson 2011-2012
Hot Sexy Mama Hot Sexy Mama, BoukeFrancien Sittrop 2012-2013
Hurry Up, Slow Down Hurry Up, Slow Down, Don DerbySéverine Fillion 2012-2013
I Close My Eyes Ich mach meine Augen zu, Chris Norman mmHazel Pace 2018-2019
I do my dreaming Dreaming with my Eyes Open, Clay WalkerShelly guichard + Conor McVeigh 2016-2017
I Got A Problem I Got A Problem - Drake MilliganAmund Storsveen 2023-2024
I Got Everything I Need House, The McClymontsWayne Dawkins 2017-2018
I love you Goodbye I Love you, Goodbye, MidlandVikki Morris 2019-2020
I'm on my Way Toora Loora LayMaggie Gallager 2021-2022
If You Need Me I'll be There, Martina McBridePat Stott 2020-2021
Impossible Love Not Worthy - Jack SavorettiNiels Poulsen 2022-2023
Inspiration Heaven In My Woman's eyes, Tracy ByrdRobbie McGowan Hickie 2012-2013
Into The Dark Night Running Wild - MidlandVikki Morris 2021-2022
It Feels Like Rock'n Roll Feels like Rock'n Roll, BoukeMaria Maag 2015-2016
Knee Deep "Knee Deep" Zac Brown BandPeter & Alison 2011-2012
Knockin' Boots Knockin' Boots, Luke BryanCody Flowers 2019-2020
Lay Low Lay Low, Josh TurnerDarren Bailey 2016-2017
Like A Star Like A Star, DJ Ötzi & Bellamy BrotherInge Vestergård 2012-2013
Like Coca Cola in Hollywood We're here to stay, Jim DevineWil Bos 2015-2016
Little Country Race Honky tonk Race, Shelby Lee LoweNiels Poulsen 2019-2020
Little Dreams Ready To Flu, DJ BoboRobbie McGowan Hickie 2013-2014
Locklin's Bar Locklin's Bar, Michael EnglishMaggie Gallagher 2015-2016
Lonely Blues Mr. Lonely, MidlandRachael McEnaney-White 2019-2020
Lonely Drum Lonely Drum, Aaron GoodvinDarren Mitchell 2017-2018
Lonesome Drinkers Lonesome DrinkersAndy Arizona 2022-2023
Looks Good On Me Your Love Looks Good on MePatt Stott 2022-2023
Love Flow Let You Love Flow, The Bellamy BrothersNiels Poulsen 2018-2019
Love Her For A While Love Her for a While, Sam OutlawAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2016-2017
Lucky in Love (Line) Lucky in Love, Ronnie BeardMichael Barr and Michele Burton 2020-2021
Lucky Touch When it Rains it Pours, Luke CombsTina Argyle 2017-2018
Make It Make It- Jake ReeseRob Fowler 2022-2023
Make it Sweet Make it Sweet, Old DominionHeather Barton 2020-2021
Makita Just One Time, Jamie O'NealKate Sale & Robbie McGowan Hickie 2014-2015
Mama & Me Mamas - Anne Wilson & Hillary ScottGary O'Reilly 2022-2023
Mama Tried Mama Tried, George CanyonRandi Kvist Gislinge 2019-2020
Me and My Girl Me and My Girl, Vince GillRandy Pelletier & Doreen Ollari 2016-2017
Mexico, Tequila and Me Mexico, Tequila and Me, Alan JacksonMarie Sørensen 2015-2016
Missing Missing, William Michael MorganHeather Barton 2017-2018
My Baby Does My Baby Does - Drew ParkerAndrew Hayes 2023-2024
My Country Country, Mo PitneyVikki Morris 2015-2016
My Next Sad Song My next sad song- Mitchell TenpennyShane McKeever 2023-2024
My Pretty Belinda "Pretty Belinda" Dr.Victor & The Rasta RebelsVikke Morris 2011-2012
Never Gonna Break Your Heart Break Your Heart, Derek RyanGaye Teather 2015-2016
Never Know That You Never Know, Alan JacksonBjarne Frederiksen 2015-2016
New Shade of Blue New Shade of Blue, Southerm PacificYvonne Anderson 2016-2017
Nowhere With You Anywhere Everywhere and Nowhere-Montana TaylorSiggi Gûldenfus 2023-2024
Oh Me Oh My Oh Oh Me Oh My Oh, Derek RyanRob Fowler 2019-2020
Oh Suzannah "OH Suzannah" RednexBill Larson & Chris Watson 2011-2012
Once Bitten Twice Shy Gone Gone Gone, Robert MizzellLorna Caims 2017-2018
Out & Jump "Jump Into My Bed" Lou BegaRep Ghazali 2011-2012
Patsy Fagan Patsy Fagan, Derek RyanFrancien Sittrop 2015-2016
Perfect Day Perfect Day, Lady AntebellumBenny Ray 2012-2013
Piano Man Skake Your Boogie and Roll, Pete StothandRobbie McGowan Hickie 2014-2015
Playboys Playboys, MidlandKarl-Harry Winson 2019-2020
Price of Admission Price of Admission, Bradley WalkerDarren Bailey (mfl.) 2015-2016
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Raggle Tagle Gypsy, Derek RyanMaggie Gallagher 2014-2015
Remember Us Always Remember Us This Way, Lady GagaStephanie Chong 2019-2020
Ride Away Ride with Me, The MavericksRobbie McGowan Hickie 2018-2019
Roots Roots, Zac Brown BandTina Angyle 2017-2018
Same Boat Same Boat- Zac Brown BandRachael McEnaney 2021-2022
Sangria Sun Sangria, Blake SheltonTina Argyle 2018-2019
Scootin' Bootin' Country Dance - Aaron GoodvinMark Paulino 2023-2024
She's My Baby She's My Baby, Robert MizzellTina Argyle 2018-2019
She's with me She's with me, High ValleyLotte Irmgarth Hansen 2018-2019
Silverado Silverado Bench Seat, Granger SmithAudrey Watson 2015-2016
Simple As Can Be Simple, Florida Georgia LineJulia Wetzel 2018-2019
Some Girls Will Some Girls Will, Some Girls Wont., Mike DenverVikki Morris 2016-2017
Standin Still Standin Still - The Clark Family ExperienceAndy Arizona 2023-2024
Stick Like Glue Stuck On You, Elvis PresleyBenny Ray 2012-2013
Stitch It Up Elvis Medley, Dean BrothersRobbie McGowan Hickie 2012-2013
Stop Staring At My Eyes Boobs, Bellamy BrothersRaymond Sarlemijn + Niels Poulsen 2015-2016
Storm and Stone Run - Storm & StoneMaddison Glover 2022-2023
Story Story, Drake WhiteMaddison Glover 2017-2018
Such A Fool AFool Such as I, Jason DonovanNiels Poulsen 2014-2015
Sunset Road You Just can't see him from the roadHenrik Lassen 2021-2022
Sweet Maureen Sweet Maureen, JambalayaRafel Corbi 2013-2014
Sweethearts by Saturday Sweethearts by Saturday, Matthew O'DonnellDiana Dawson 2020-2021
Tara's Dance Love song, Kevin FowlerTina Angyle 2018-2019
Tell the World Tell the World, Eric HutchinsonRobbieMcGowan Hickie 2015-2016
Tenneessee Waltz Surprise "Tennessee Waltz" Ireen sheerAndy Chumbley 2011-2012
Thank You Thank You, Gary Perkins & The BreezeTina Argyle 2019-2020
That's What Honky Tonks are for That's What Honky Tonks are for, Brian OdleWil Bos 2019-2020
The Belle of Liverpool The Belle of Liverpool, Derek RyanAudrey Watson 2013-2014
The Boat to Liverpool On The Boat To LiverpoolRoss Brown 2014-2015
The little Farmer The Farmer, Robert MizzelMona leth 2019-2020
The Most Beautiful Girl The Most Beautiful Girl, Charlie RichNiels Poulsen 2017-2018
The Picnic Polka Cowboy Sweetheart, LeAnn RimesDavid Paden 2012-2013
The Road The Road - Derek RyanAnn McMullan 2021-2022
This Is Me This is Me Missing You, James HouseYvonne Anderson 2012-2013
Thorn in my Side Thorn in my Side, EurythmicsNiels Poulsen 2019-2020
Three Beers To Mexico 3 Beers to Mexico, Shane WarnerRoy Verdonk, Jose M.B. Vane 2015-2016
Through Your Eyes Through Your Eyes - Morgan WadeMaggie Gallagher 2022-2023
Ticket to the Blues Niels Poulsen 2015-2016
Tractors Friends With Tractors, Derek RyanMicaela Svensson Erlandsson 2017-2018
Train Swing Lover please, Billy SwanNiels Poulsen 2019-2020
Truck A Truck A Girl Who Loves To Truck, The Road HammersJóse Ferrer 2013-2014
Tucson Too Late Tucson Too Late - Jordan DavisMaddison Glover 2023-2024
Unmistakable Unmistakably You, Darcy WoodMichelle Risley 2015-2016
Vaya Con Dios Vaya Con dios, FramedVikke Morris 2020-2021
Wagon Wheel Rock Wagon Wheel, Nathan CarterYvonne Anderson 2013-2014
Walk On Walk On, Reba McEntireMarie Sørensen 2012-2013
We Should Get Married We should get marriedMaddison Glover 2023-2024
We'll be Alright Were Gonna Be Alright, Mike DenverSusanne Mose Nielsen 2015-2016
Well Do Ya Do You Love Me, The OvertonesKim Ray 2016-2017
What a song can do What a song can do - Lady AHeather Barton & Andrew Hayes 2021-2022
What Happens Next Next Girl - Carly PearceJulia Wetzel 2021-2022
Whatcha Reckon Whatcha Reckon, Josh TurnerSue Smyth 2012-2013
When I need you When I need you, Joe McElderryKarl-Harry Winson 2013-2014
Where We've Been Remember When, Alan JacksonLana Harvey Wilson 2019-2020
Whiskey Instead of Wine Weed instead of Roses, Ashley MonroeVikki Morris 2012-2013
Whole Again Whole Again- Atomic KittenSue Johnstone 2022-2023
Why did it have to be me Why did it have to be me, Josh Dylan mmAnnette Nielsen 2018-2019
Why Don't You Why Don't You Spend the Night, Ray DylanDiana Dawson 2015-2016
Wild Horses Wild HorsesAlison Metelnick 2023-2024
Write Your Number WriteMy Number, Scotty McCreeryMichelle Risley 2012-2013
Your Heaven Take me to your Heaven, Charlotte NilssonNiels Poulsen 2016-2017

Letøvede 2

Øde Ø Øde Ø, Rasmus SeebachAnnette Dida Nielsen 2014-2015
1 2 Snap SNAP - Rosa LinnMaggie Gallagher 2022-2023
A Million Times A Million X - Carl WocknerDebbie Rushton 2021-2022
A Million Times A Million X - Carl WocknerDebbie Rushton 2023-2024
A Wee Bit Lost A Little More Lost- Georgia KuMaggie Gallagher 2023-2024
AF EN AF Af En AF, Kurt DarrenGudrun Schneider 2012-2013
Alabama Slammin "If You Want My Love" Laura Bell BundyRachael McEnaney 2011-2012
All Day Long Mr. Mom, LonestarGary Lafferty 2012-2013
All the King's Horses Out of Sight, MidlandAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2017-2018
Better When I'm Dancing Better when I'm Dancing, Meghan TrainorJulia Wetzel 2016-2017
Big Jimmy "Big Jimmy and Felicidad" Graeme ConnorsKate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie 2011-2012
Bittersweet Memory Clouds by David NailRia Vos 2012-2013
Break Me UP Break Me Up, Erika SelinKate Sala 2015-2016
Bruises Bruises, TrainNiels Poulsen 2013-2014
Cajun Dance Cajun dance - Robert MitzeliBruno Morel 2013-2014
Can't stop loving You Shout It To The World, Lionel RichieAndy Skidmore 2014-2015
Cards On The Table I'll Name the Dogs, Blake SheltonMaggie Gallagher 2017-2018
Celtic Duo Celtic Duo, Anton & SullyMaggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly 2018-2019
Chasing Down a Good time Chasing Down a Good Time, Randy HouserDan Albro 2017-2018
Cloud Number 9 Cloud Number Nine, Bryan AdamsDee Musk 2013-2014
Cloud Number 9 Cloud number nine-Bryan AdamsDee Musk 2023-2024
Cowgirls I Wanna Be A Farmer, Sunny CowgirlsFrench Cowgirls 2019-2020
CRY CRY CRY Cry to Me, Precious Wilson & EruptionFrancien Sittrop 2012-2013
Diamond Dreams Diamond Dreams, CastroRobbie McGowan Hickie 2017-2018
Dig Your Heels Here's to You & I, The McClymontsMaddison Glover 2018-2019
Dim The Lights The kind of love we make - Luke CombsMaddison Glover 2022-2023
Doctor Doctor Bad Case Of Loving You - Robert ParmerMasters in line 2021-2022
Don't Shut me down Don't Shut Me Down-AbbaOli Geir 2023-2024
Dreams I Dream Mexico, Nashvile FriendsRobbie McGowan Hickie 2013-2014
Electric Rodeo Electric Rodeo, MidlandAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2017-2018
Ends of The Earth Ends of the Earth, Brandon RayGudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben 2018-2019
Everybody's Sweetheart Everybody Sweetheart, Vince GillRobbie MvGowan Hickie 2012-2013
Fireflies Firefly, Derek RyanRAW (Rudy Honing & Wesley F.) 2016-2017
Forgive Me Friend Forgive me Friend, Smith & ThellInge Vestergård 2020-2021
Fourteen Gears Fourteen Gears, MidlandAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2019-2020
Friday Yet Is it Freday Yet, Gord BamfordNadia Krieg 2013-2014
Funky sole Old Time Rock & Roll, Michael BoltonRobbie McGowan Hickie 2017-2018
Get In or Get Out Get In or Get Out-Sarah LakeMaggie Gallagher 2022-2023
Ghosted Ghosted - Tayler MossNiels Poulsen 2023-2024
Greater than Me Greater, MercymeMaggie Gallagher 2015-2016
Haydown Roll in the Hay, Don DerbyTina Argyle 2015-2016
Here We Go Here I Go - WildflowersGary O'Reilly & Maggie Galligher 2021-2022
Here's to Us Here's to Us, Kevin RudolfMaggie Gallagher 2016-2017
I Got You I got you - Anders SohnDarren Bailey 2021-2022
I'm No Good "I'm No Good" Laura Bell BundyRachael McEnaney 2011-2012
In Walked You In Walked You - William Michael MorganMaggie Gallagher 2023-2024
Isabel & Jose Clear Isabel, Aaron WatsonLinda Sansoucy - Quebec 2017-2018
It's all in the Kiss It's all in the Kiss, Ricky CookGary Lafferty 2019-2020
Joyride One Way Ticket, Billy CurringtonRobbie McGowan Hickie 2014-2015
Keep it Simple Keep it Simple, James Barker BandKarl-Harry Winson 2019-2020
Keepin' It Country Keeping it country - James JohnstonHeather Barton 2023-2024
Knock Off Knock Off - Jess MoskalukeWinslow's Festival 2022-2023
Legend Feeling Good, OfenbachRobbie McGowan Hickie og Karl-Harry Winson 2019-2020
Life of the Party Think of You, Chris Young, ft.Cassadee PopeMaddison Glover 2015-2016
Like A Fine Wine Love Takes Time, Gord BamfordJef Camps & Sebastien Bonnier 2018-2019
Loslappie Loslappie, Kurt DarrenVal Cronin 2014-2015
Louisiana Hot Sauce He's My Little Jalapeno, Scooter LeeJoanne Brandy, Gordon Elliott 2012-2013
Love You In A Barrel Love You in a Barrel, The LennerockersNiels Poulsen 2012-2013
Lucky Punch "Lucky Punch" Lou BegaRobbie McGowan Hickie 2011-2012
Mamma Afrika Mamma Africa, Two in OneGerard Murphy 2012-2013
Mexicoma Mexicoma, Bucky CovingtonRobbie McGowan Hickie 2012-2013
Mona Lisa The Mona Lisa, Brad PaisleyDaniel Whittaker 2014-2015
Most People Most People- R3HAB & Lukas GrahamGuillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen 2021-2022
My Angel and Me Hello My Love, WestlifeKarl-Harry Winson 2019-2020
My First Love You're My First Love, EdenRobbie McGowan Hickie 2013-2014
Nancy Mulligan Nancy Mulligan, Ed SheeranMaggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly 2017-2018
No can Do No Can Do - Reastless RoadRachael McEnaney 2023-2024
Nothing But You Nothing but You, Leaving AustinDarren Bailey 2019-2020
Ohh Carmelita Carmelita, Flo DurelleFrancien Sittrop 2020-2021
One Touch at a Time Lay with Me, Adam EckersleyAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2018-2019
One Two Step Away One Two Step AwayLee Hamilton- Heather Barton 2023-2024
Open Heart Cowboy Little Yellow Blanket, Dean BrodySandrine & Magali 2014-2015
Ride Away Ride with me- The MavericksRobbie McGowan Hickie 2021-2022
Ridin' My Thumb to Mexico Redin' My Thumb to Mexico- Ronnie DunnRandy Pelletier 2021-2022
Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors, KatzenjammerMaggie Gallagher 2012-2013
Salt & Lime Tequila Talking, LonestarGary Lafferty 2014-2015
Save The Day One Call Away, Charlie PuthKarl-Harry Winson 2016-2017
Second Hand Heart Second Hand Heart, Ben Haenow feat. Kelly ClarksonMaggie Gallagher 2016-2017
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS) Despacito- Feat. Justin Bieber Louis FonsiGary O'Reilly 2021-2022
Something Real Something Real - Chad BrownleeGudrun Schneider 2021-2022
Southern Dreams I Dream in SouthernMaddison Glover 2020-2021
Southern Thing Ain't Just a Southern Thing, Alan JacksonRob Rowler and Darren Bailey 2017-2018
Splash "Water" Brad PaisleySandra Speck 2011-2012
Splash Water, Brad PaisleySandra Speck 2019-2020
Suite 16 Anna-Lee, Suite 16Karl-Harry Winson 2016-2017
Summer Girl "Summer Girl" Leighton MeesterRobbie McGowan Hickie 2011-2012
Take it Til you can't-- Cody JohnsonTina Argyle 2021-2022
That's Up UP, Olly Murs feat Demi LoyatoGudrun Schneider & Martina Ecke 2015-2016
The Captain Wellerman 220 kid x Billen Ted RemixJoshua Talbot 2021-2022
The Card You Gamble The Card You Gamble - Monarc Cast og Caitllyn SmithGary O'Reilly 2023-2024
The Fighter The Fighter, Keith UrbanNiels Poulsen 2016-2017
The Flute "Flute" Barcode BrothersMaggie Gallagher 2011-2012
The Yellow and Green Shotgun, George EzraAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick 2018-2019
This is It This is It, Scotty McCreeryDee Musk 2020-2021
Those Russians Rasputin, Boney MNiels Poulsen 2016-2017
Train Wreck Can't let go - Jill KingNiels Poulsen 2021-2022
Twist & Turns Tomorrow Never Comes, Zac Brown BandMaddison Glover 2016-2017
Versions of You Kiss Me - Dermot KennedyJamie Barnfield 2022-2023
Walk Down Town "Somewhere Else" Toby KeithHelle Ingemann Petersen 2011-2012
Wandering Hearts Wish I Could, The Wandering HeartsGary O'Relly & Maggie Gallagher 2017-2018
Waves of Love Wherever Love Takes Us, Drake JensenGary O'Relly 2018-2019
We only live once We only live once, Shannon NollRobbie McGowan Hickie 2015-2016
When you're drunk I hate you when you'er drunk - Olly MursHeather Barton 2022-2023
Whiskey & Wine Found - Dan DavidsonHeather Barton 2022-2023
Whiskeys Gone Whiskey's Gone, Zac BrownRob Fowler 2012-2013
Who Needs Mexico Who Needs Mexico, Mason JamesWil Bos 2019-2020
Woman Trouble Take it Easy, Travis TrittTina Argyle & Karl-Harry 2015-2016
Wrong Direction Wrong Direction- Ilse DeLangeGudrun Schneider 2022-2023
Yoy got away You got away, AnnTaylerNiels Poulsen 2013-2014
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