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Letøvede 2
Titel & stepsheets Video Musik Koreograf Sæson
A Wee Bit Lost A Little More Lost- Georgia KuMaggie Gallagher 2023-2024
Cloud Number 9 Cloud number nine-Bryan AdamsDee Musk 2023-2024
The Card You Gamble The Card You Gamble - Monarc Cast og Caitllyn SmithGary O'Reilly 2023-2024
In Walked You In Walked You - William Michael MorganMaggie Gallagher 2023-2024
No can Do No Can Do - Reastless RoadRachael McEnaney 2023-2024
Keepin' It Country Keeping it country - James JohnstonHeather Barton 2023-2024
Don't Shut me down Don't Shut Me Down-AbbaOli Geir 2023-2024
A Million Times A Million X - Carl WocknerDebbie Rushton 2023-2024
One Two Step Away One Two Step AwayLee Hamilton- Heather Barton 2023-2024
Ghosted Ghosted - Tayler MossNiels Poulsen 2023-2024
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