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AB Holdet
Titel & stepsheets Video Musik Koreograf Sæson
It's a Heartache It's a HeartacheLorna Cairns 2023-2024
Last Time Last Night Lonely - Jon PardiMarianne H. Nielsen 2023-2024
Fun To Drink With Fun to drink withMaggie Shipley 2023-2024
Words Fly Words FlyVikki Morris 2023-2024
Do It Anyway Do It Anyway - Jade EaglesonJosée Martel 2023-2024
Little Fool There's a Fool Born Everyday- Kevin FowlerKim Petersen 2023-2024
Intoxicating Intoxicating - Karissa EllaRob Holley 2023-2024
The Smilin' Dance Smilin' SongShirley Blankenship 2023-2024
Doing What I Love Doing What I Love - Dave SheriffHelen Parkyn 2023-2024
Versions of You Kiss Me - Dermot KennedyMerete Louise Østberg 2023-2024
Outta My Mind Gettin' outta My Mind- Channing WilsonRob Fawler, Kate Sala 2023-2024
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray CyrusRic Silver 2023-2024
When You Smile When You Smile - Rune RudbergJose Miguel Belloque 2023-2024
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria - Ricchi E. PoveriFrank Trace 2023-2024
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