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AB Holdet
Titel & stepsheets Video Musik Koreograf Sæson
Out on the Dance Floor Out on the Dance Floor - Triston MarezJulie Snailham 2021-2022
Mamma Maria Mamma Maria - Ricchi E PoveriFrank Trace 2021-2022
Happy Does Happy Does - Kenny ChesneyHana Ries 2021-2022
Love ain't Love ain't - Eli Young BandDarren Bailey 2021-2022
Wellerman AB Wellerman 220 Kid x Billen Ted remix - Nathan EvansJulie Snailham 2021-2022
Sweet Home Alabama Easy Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd SkynyrdKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Country Strollin' Country Roads - Hermes house bandKathryn Rowlands 2021-2022
Your First Name People Know You By Your First Name- Dean BrodyLars Christensen 2021-2022
Lindi Shuffle Right Now With You -Jane Smee 2021-2022
The Freeze Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray CyrusRich Silver 2021-2022
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