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Titel & stepsheets Video Musik Koreograf Sæson
Where Cowboys Are Kings Where cowboys are Kings- Cody JohnsonEsmeralda v.d. Pol 2021-2022
Waltz Across Texas Slow to moderate waltzLois Nielson & John Nielson 2021-2022
New Truck Easy New Truck - Dylan ScottKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Hey Cowgirl Hey Cowgirl Randall KingJan Brookfield 2021-2022
Right Now With You Right Now With You -Liselotte Øgaard 2021-2022
Some Nights easy Some Nights Shane OwensKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Start Forever Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere - Chad BrownleeMike Liadouze 2021-2022
Looking Up Looking Up- Jesse LabelleMaggie Gallager 2021-2022
Bad Habits Leads to you Bad habits - Ed SheeranLene Mainz Pedersen 2021-2022
Sunset Road You Just can't see him from the roadHenrik Lassen 2021-2022
The Gambler easy a la Blake The Gambler - Blake SheltonKaren Christensen 2021-2022
Country Boy Lovin' Country Boy Lovin' - Dillon CarmichaelMaddison Glover 2021-2022
Before You Were Even Gone Grain of SaltMarsha Keith 2021-2022
Keep It Simple Keep it simple - James Barker BandMaggie Gallagher 2021-2022
For The Longest Time The Longest Time - The OvertonesRoosamekto Mamek 2021-2022
Cabo Moon Water and the girls - Ronnie BeardIra Weisburd 2021-2022
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