Husk Klostertræf 12. oktober 2019
Titel & stepsheets Video Musik Koreograf
8th Day 8th Day, Dean Brody Gudrun Schneider
Where We've Been Remember When, Alan Jackson Lana Harvey Wilson
Mama Tried Mama Tried, George Canyon Randi Kvist Gislinge
Sangria Sun Sangria, Blake Shelton Tina Argyle
Thank You Thank You, Gary Perkins & The Breeze Tina Argyle
Little Country Race Honky tonk Race, Shelby Lee Lowe Niels Poulsen
Oh Me Oh My Oh Oh Me Oh My Oh, Derek Ryan Rob Fowler
Country Roads Take me home, Country Roads, The Hermes House Band Kate Sala
Come Down Won't Ya Come Down. Derek Ryan Denys Ben & Marie-France Ben
Simple As Can Be Simple, Florida Georgia Line Julia Wetzel
She's My Baby She's My Baby, Robert Mizzell Tina Argyle
Bud Light Blue Bud Light Blue, Coffey Anderson Darren Bailey
Get it Right Hard Not to Love it, Steve Moakler Maddison Glover
Why did it have to be me Why did it have to be me, Josh Dylan mm Annette Nielsen
Love Flow Let You Love Flow, The Bellamy Brothers Niels Poulsen
Tara's Dance Love song, Kevin Fowler Tina Angyle
East to West 17 Play That Song, Train Alison Johnstone & Simon Ward
She's with me She's with me, High Valley Lotte Irmgarth Hansen
Friday It's Friday, Derek Ryan Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
I Close My Eyes Ich mach meine Augen zu, Chris Norman mm Hazel Pace
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