Titel & stepsheets Video Musik Koreograf
Once Bitten Twice Shy Gone Gone Gone, Robert Mizzell Lorna Caims
Ride Away Ride with Me, The Mavericks Robbie McGowan Hickie
Tractors Friends With Tractors, Derek Ryan Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
Story Story, Drake White Maddison Glover
Roots Roots, Zac Brown Band Tina Angyle
Caribbean Feeling Caribbean Feeling, Nathan Carter Audrey Watson
Lucky Touch When it Rains it Pours, Luke Combs Tina Argyle
I Got Everything I Need House, The McClymonts Wayne Dawkins
Chase That Song Chase That Song, Cody Jinks Kate Sala
Fireflies Firefly, Derek Ryan RAW (Rudy Honing & Wesley F.)
1159 11:59, The Railers Rachael McEnanay White
Early in the Morning Early in the Morning, Derek Ryan Daisy Simons
The Most Beautiful Girl The Most Beautiful Girl, Charlie Rich Niels Poulsen
Every Time She Walks By Every Time She Walks by, Adam Brand Heather Barton
Lonely Drum Lonely Drum, Aaron Goodvin Darren Mitchell
Carnival Ride Some Town Somewhere, Kenne Chesney Tina Angyle
Drinking Problem Drinking Problem, Midland Darren Bailey
Missing Missing, William Michael Morgan Heather Barton
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